For optimum results, spray crops once a week with AgricShop Micronutrients 5gm mix in a 16 L napsack sprayers with water per application and Macro and micro 250gm mixture per application

The various sprayer models are widely utilized in agricultural grow scenarios (major use), commercial chemical operations–as in businesses, roadsides, parks, golf courses–as well as professional and personal landscaping, nurseries, gardens, and personal consumer property and grow applications. Sprayers are commonly used for the administration of water or a water-chemical solution onto soil or vegetation for growth performance or pest control. Sprayers also have an extensive list of individual uses for general consumers and small-business owners as in production, manufacturing uses. See the following common sprayer use scenarios:

• Field, Row Crop Operations,

• Plant Performance Chemicals

• Irrigation, Fertigation Operations

• Pastures, Farmland, Orchards, Vineyards, Greenhouse Maintenance

• Livestock, Pastureland Insect, Pest Control

• Fire Response, Controlled Burning

• Multi-Location, Spot Water or Chemical Administration

• Emergency Response and Preparedness

• Rolling Land, Rough Terrain Spray Applications

• Multi-Scenario Pesticide, Herbicide, Insecticide Applications

• Perimeters of Structures, Property Lines, Fences

• Roadways, Ditches, Levees, Tree-Line Foliage, Pest Maintenance

• Hard to Reach, Off Road, Spray Applications

• High Pressure, Target Spotting, Washing, Cleaning

• Manufacturing Line Spraying of Production Solutions

• Infestation Response Control