High Production Agriculture Meets Responsible Nutrient Management

Our Story

AgricShop commitment to promoting and prospering farmers in Nigeria

Founded by ……, in …….., Agroshop Nigeria Limited principal activities include the manufacturing and distribution of premium fertilisers [inorganic & organic], appropriate education on best practices for farming and proper deployment of these practices for optimum results.

We have built a robust network of professionals with the help of our suppliers to support farmers and farming communities of Kwara, Oyo,Osun, Ekiti, Niger, Kogi States of Nigeria with connectivity to smallholder farmers, farmers co-operatives & groups, commercial farmers, Government & Private institution.

Our Mission: To Prosper the Farmer

We remove the guesswork involved in producing a crop by performing extensive field research across Nigeria. This research helps us develop and manufacture the most efficient, environmentally responsible crop nutrient products and programs available. Our fertilizers are made to optimize yields, strengthen the health of plants, and bolster the nutritional value of crops, while utilizing agricultural practices which support a sustainable future for all of us.

We are Honest

We present our customers with exactly what we do, and what our products do, to help them make informed decisions.

We are Ethical

Our approach means making the right decisions for our customers, as well as our community and our planet.

We have Integrity

Our team works in our customers’ best interests. If we don’t have the solution, we’ll find someone who does.